Top Reasons To Have A Cat Eye Thread Lift Procedure

Top Reasons To Have A Cat Eye Thread Lift Procedure


Cat eye thread lift in Dubai involves injecting a local anesthetic into specific points around the eyebrow. A needle is then used to create small entry holes, and the threads are inserted. The brows and corners of the eyes are repositioned. Once the threads are in place, the doctor will trim them to their desired position and allow them to heal. The entry holes will then heal on their own.

Help boost collagen:

Compared to basic other threads, silhouette soft PDO threads are more biocompatible and absorbable. The threads will gradually dissolve in six to nine months. They will also help boost collagen. In addition, these threads are much longer-lasting than PDO.

Safe and effective:

In addition, these threads are safe and effective. They are used on a wide variety of patients. Since they are inserted with needles, they can be used in various facial areas and body parts. While threads are uncomfortable, they are very effective.


A thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that uses fine sutures to lift the eyelids. The procedure’s results will last at least six months and can extend to two years. However, this procedure is not a substitute for fillers. While thread lifts can give you younger-looking eyes, fillers can restore lost volume in the face. They can also increase the longevity of thread lifts by stimulating the production of collagen.


After the procedure, patients can expect a few days of swelling and bruising. They will also be advised not to pull or rub their brows for a few days. The procedure can be done on patients who are ages 20 to 40. The recovery time is also quick.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Some patients may experience slight pain, redness, and swelling afterwards, but most people can return to work immediately. Strong analgesics are rarely needed following thread lifts. This procedure is safe for people with demanding jobs or young children.

Corrects the upward slant of the eyebrow:

A cat eye thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that corrects the upward slant of the eyebrow and eye. It is popular among celebrities, and many patients have the procedure to get brows. This procedure can cost between AED 1500 and AED 3000.