Things You Should Not Put In Safe Deposit Lockers

Is It Safe To Use A Bank Locker?


Safe deposit lockers in Dubai are great places to store important documents and other valuable items. However, there are some things you should not put inside of one. In addition, these items are not insured and are often not enforceable. Sometimes, the safe deposit box may be your only option if you need the document in an emergency.

Items that aren’t allowed in a safe deposit box:

When you’re thinking about putting your valuables in a safe deposit box, it’s important to be careful about what you put inside. While many documents and valuable objects are digitized, some things can’t be replaced with digital versions. Keeping important documents like birth certificates and marriage licenses in a safe deposit box is best.

Before putting anything in a safe deposit box, make sure you understand the rules. Banks usually have a strict policy for what can and cannot be placed in these boxes. For example, a bank may not allow firearms, explosives, or hazardous materials. They may also ban items that are illegal in your state or jurisdiction. Reading the contract carefully or talking to your banker to clarify the rules is best.

Items that aren’t insured:

When storing valuable items in a safe deposit locker, ensure they are insured. The bank does not insure safe deposit lockers, so taking extra steps is essential to insure your items. For example, you should not place firearms, drugs, or collectibles in a safe deposit box unless you’ve purchased insurance from the bank. You should also consider buying insurance for your jewelry before putting it in a safe deposit locker.

Consider adding a policy to your home insurance if you’re storing expensive jewelry in a safe deposit locker. A homeowners or renters policy will cover your valuables, so ensure you have the necessary coverage. It’s also important to avoid storing important papers and documents in a safe deposit locker, including original copies of wills. If you have any questions about whether your valuables are insured or not, contact your bank and check the terms and conditions.

Items that aren’t enforceable:

If you want to put your valuables in a safe deposit locker, you will need to pay extra attention to the contract. There are a lot of restrictions on what you can put in a locker, including certain items that are prohibited by law. For example, you cannot put firearms, explosives, illegal drugs, or valuable jewelry in a locker. You can’t keep COVID-19 vaccination cards in a safe deposit box.