4 Wonderful Tricks To Cut Car Rental Costs

4 Wonderful Tricks To Cut Car Rental Costs


Car rental services provide transportation to meet the needs of travelers. A driver must have a valid driver’s license to rent a car. Learners’ permits are not accepted. In some cases, an International driving permit (IDP) is required. Car rentals also require a credit card deposit. These cards are used to cover any additional costs, such as road tolls or motoring-related fines. If you want to rent a luxury car in Dubai, here are some amazing tricks to cut rental costs.

Avoiding prepaying in full for a car rental:

Prepaying in full for a car rental is a risky proposition. This is especially true when you book last minute or when the weather is extreme. Rates can also fluctuate until you are ready to pick up your rental. Therefore, it is a good idea to check prices daily or hourly to get the best possible deals. You can also cancel your reservation if you find a better deal.

Most rental companies have a “hold” on debit or credit cards that will prevent unauthorized charges. The hold ensures that the rental company has sufficient funds to cover the final bill. In case of a no-show, the card will be declined.

Using a loyalty program:

If you’re a frequent renter, using a loyalty program with a car rental company can save you time and money. Many companies have self-service kiosks or allow you to skip the counter in some locations. You may even be able to specify a particular car for your rental.

Avoiding picking up your car at the airport:

If you’re on a budget, avoiding the airport when picking up your rental car can reduce costs. Not only does it reduce your rental car fee, but you’ll avoid the hassle of waiting around at the airport. Many car rental companies close at 7 pm on weekdays and by 1 pm on weekends. Moreover, if you’re running late, you could be charged extra.

Avoiding paying extra for car insurance:

If you’re planning a vacation, avoiding paying extra for car insurance is one of the best ways to save money on car rentals. While it’s true that car rental companies are incentivized to sell insurance, this coverage is not a necessity. It may increase the total cost of the rental. It is also not applicable to every type of car.